The Beginning of the End
by Kevin Mason

The rider of the white horse, the Dragon,
Had long since taken a golden throne,
Where he sat at the top of the World
And waged a war of skin and bone.

A second supernatural rider,
This one with a horse of fiery red,
Was given a huge and mighty sword
And the authority to make men .

And he came to take peace from the Earth,
So that men would kill one another.
And war broke out across the land;
Father against son, brother against brother.

And as I watched all of the carnage,
From a safe place, half a mile away,
I wondered why these men killed each other.
Many lives were lost on that sad day.

Blood flowed like water for the next two years,
One fourth of those who remained
Died in battle or in the plagues and famines,
For as a result of this war, supplies were drained.

Then, I turned my face toward Heaven and saw
The souls of the righteous who had been slain.
They were each given a dazzling white robe.
They cried for judgment; their tears fell like rain.

Then, I looked back to the World of men
And saw blood, destruction, and .
"Those fools! Why are they fighting against each other?"
I said hoarsely under my breath.

As I looked at the ravaged Earth,
Shocked that these fools did not know what was at stake,
I had not even noticed
That the Earth began to shake. . . .