The halls are abandoned now. No one but myself does walk this path. The harsh clacking noise of my feet hitting against the stone floor is all that dares to come to my ears.

A cold chill goes down my spine as I turn my head. Those brown strands of hair falling into my eyes. Breath could be felt on the back of my neck as the halls fell silent about me.

Click Click Click.

I had heard a noise, and felt those small hairs on the back of my neck rise from the warm air that hit them. Warm air that seemed to come form nowhere at all, and bore no reason for existence in this cold house. Footsteps, perhaps? No. Too dull was the noise for that. I turned to face the noise, but no creature was there to meet my gaze.

Click Click Click.

There it went again, but from a different direction. What creature could be the cause of this? For, no mortal but myself had come into these halls for the past 20 years. It was guarded. That must be it. Perhaps a guard had come to get me.

The old mansion was, indeed, falling to pieces about me. The estate was rather large and I had taken it into my own liberty to find the reason as to why this grand place had been left so carelessly to be food for the termites.

Click Click Click.

Yet again, it had changed directions. The noise was in front of me again. My eyes stayed locked in the direction. Nothing. Still nothing.

Perhaps, it was merely my mind that had caused this noise to appear. A figmentation out of the fear this place did bring. For the building was every bit looking the part of a haunted house one visits on Hallow's Eve. However, the breathing did not stop as it hit my neck, and left my thoughts none to reassuring.

Click Click Click.

It had gotten closer. As it if were standing there, ready to press itself against my flesh. My body ran all over in a cold shiver and I drew my jacket closer about myself. The warm air had ceased, but the rest of the hall did feel noticeably colder.

My vision blurred of it's own accord. I felt ill, very ill. I had to leave at once, for something was definitely not right about this place. A pit at the bottom of my stomach churned, as I felt the urge to run. Fight or flight. Fight or flight. My brain did not take long to point to flight as my feet had taken off running towards the exit.

Click Click Click.

It followed me, persistently. I turned down another hall to find a spiraling staircase. I had no place else to go, and so I went upwards. The speed at which I ran not allowing me to acknowledge the loud creaking of the rusted stairs. I reached half way before my footing gave way beneath me and I took a nasty dive over the railing.

My eyes grew wider as the ground came up faster and faster to great me. I threw my hands before me in hopes that I may soften the blow that was about to come to my body. I looked away, to see the figure of a young girl, dressed in white. She gave a devilish smirk at me before disappearing.

Then everything went black.