The moon was full, shadows of wolf like creatures raced through the forest, in one creatures jaws were what looked like a blanket carrier. It hanged from the creatures mouth, as it ran on its fellow beings either in front or in the back, they stopped running when the reached the edge of the forest right near a small village. Once making sure it was safe they transformed into human bodies, "Mania hurry we have to get her to safety before HE finds us" one said as he stepped out of the shadows, he had a well-built body and long flowing black hair that went down to his waist; He looked no older then 32 though you could tell by the way he walked and talked he was much older.

"I know Ziv, I know I just can't part with her" the woman proved to be Mania looked down at her treasure that was in her arms, "Mania she's not safe with us, you know this! Once your brother finds out that we have mated and that she was born into this world he will take no mercy. We cannot risk her life Mania" Ziv stated softy walking over to his mate and gathering her and his daughter into his arms and held them close. That was when howling could be heard from afar, "THEY'RE COMING!" one of the others that were with them shouted in alarm. Eyes widening, Ziv pushes his mate and daughter towards the village, "GO RUN! TAKE HER SOMEWHERE SAFE WE'LL HOLD THEM OFF" he cried as his silver eyes begged for her to run. With tears spilling from her eyes, Mania ran towards the village with speed, clutching her daughter close.

Ziv watched them go and whispered, "May you be safe Yoko may the moon protect you!"

Mania ran until she stood in front of an old house looking up at it. And in Mania's arms lay a bundle wrapped in a blanket, and from the blanket came a small sound. "Shh my darling" Mania cooed unwrapping parts of the blanket to reveal the face of a small baby that looked no older then tow months, the baby had slightly little black hair that was still growing and looked up at its mother with curious reddish brown eyes. "I'm sorry I have to leave you my darling baby girl, but you'll be safer than you are already being with me" she now had tears steaming down her face as she placed her one and only treasure on the door step on the house.

Kissing her baby's head one last time she knocked on the door and ran off into the night, not turning or even looking back to see who opened the door; She just kept on running knowing that if she looked back now she might regret was she was doing right now.

And as she disappeared into the night, the door of the old house open to reveal and man with dark brown hair, light blue eyes searched the front of his house trying to see who it was who knocked on his door. That was when something that lay by his feet caught his attention. Looking down his eyes widen at what he saw, for there was this baby girl wrapped in a blanket, kneeling down he scooped the child into his arms and looked at her. That's when he saw a silver chain with a rose pendant hanging from the baby's neck, with the letters' YOKO in gold carved into it. "Ahh so your name is Yoko, well young one I guess I'll take care of you after all it was gods' choice for you to come to me" the man stood up and carried young Yoko into his house, not knowing that he was putting himself in danger by taking her in.