A young girl of five ran around the garden, her shoulder length straight black hair flowed in the wind as she ran around giggling. Her father Rasmus watched from the back door as his little daughter ran around chasing after butterflies and such. It had been seven long years since that night he found her laying there on his porch, seven long years had he raised her with lies about her life; He wasn't quite sure if he'd ever tell her the truth. He didn't know how she would react but he knew sooner or later he would have to.

"DADDY? DADDY LOOK WHAT I FOUND!?" Yoko ran over to her father as Rasmus kneeled down to her height. "What is it Yoko?" he asked smiling at her. Giggling Yoko opened her hand to reveal something that made Rasmus jump for there laying in his daughters hand was the fang of a wolf; "Yoko where did you find this?" Rasmus asked his daughter eyes becoming serious. "I found it over near the wall of the garden daddy, why?" Yoko whimpered under the hardness of her fathers eyes, Rasmus noticing that he was scaring his daughter, eyes softened he picked her up and carried her into the house. "Yoko remember those stories of those evil creatures that roamed the woods, you know that stories that all the children in the village are hearing about from adults?" Rasmus asked as he placed Yoko in a chair by the fireplace in the study and went to close every window in the house, as well as the curtains before returning to his daughters side.


"Well Yoko those stories are true, I know they are, I've seen those creatures when I was but a boy and I know that, that thing in your hand in some wolf's fang. Now you must promise me that you'll be careful, I can't afford to lose you" Rasmus explained gathering Yoko into his arms holding her close. Yoko was frightened at what she was just told, she only thought the tales of werewolves were just stories meant to scare the children of the village enough to keep them away and out of the forest. And now here she was being held by her father after being told they were true, looking down at the fang in her hand, she kind of found her self only half afraid. But why? She couldn't figure out.

"I promise daddy" Yoko whispered as Rasmus continued to hold her, Yoko continued to look at the fang before closing her hand around it . . .

Lighting flashed, waking 16 year-old Yoko from her sleep, that was the tenth time that week that she had just had that dream of when she found that fang when she was a child. That very fang she hand hanging from her neck next to her rose pendant necklace. For some reason she was never able to part with it. Thunder roared outside the window making Yoko jump, she never usually hated thunder storms but when it scared you out of your thoughts it was just as creepy.

Sighing know she wasn't going to get any more sleep, Yoko got out of bed and wrapped her night robe around her tightly before walking out of the room heading towards her fathers; The hallways was so dark that she could barely see. But she did notice the shadow of something move not far in front of her, stopping dead in her tracks Yoko froze not knowing what to do but the first thing that came to her mind. "Papa?" she asked hoping that it was her father up just to get something to drink, but once the being stopped it whipped its head to look at her and she saw glowing reddish brown eyes that reminded her of her own.

Stepping back in fright she ran in the other direction she knew led to her fathers' room, but she didn't make it far for she was tackled to the ground and was looking up at the very eyes that looked like her own. But now she could make out a face of a man, with long black hair sneering down at her, she also noticed that the man had claws which were now wrapped around her neck.

"Well look what I've found a nice mortal to eat" the man smirked as Yoko's eyes widen. "NO!" Yoko screamed struggling against the mans hold, that's when her rose pendant showed from under her robe.

The man eyes widen when he saw the pendant and he jumped back as if she had just burned him, "Where did you get that?" the man demanded a low growl emerging from his throat, "I've had it since I was a child" Yoko stated crawling away from him before jumping to her feet and running not noticing that he wasn't following her.

Ziv just stood there is disbelieve, he looked down at his claws, the only words coming from his mouth were, " I almost killed her, after I finally found her after all these years!"