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I'm sorry I can't be what you want

I'm sorry I'm not perfect

I'm not smart enough, good enough

Pretty enough, popular enough

Nice enough, happy enough

I'm not what you wanted me to be.

I'm sorry I don't do what you tell me

I'm sorry I argue

I'm sorry I hurt you

I'm sorry because I try so hard

And yet, it's never good enough.

I try to be perfect

I try to work hard

I try to think before I speak

-And before I act-

But no matter how hard I try

It all comes out wrong.

I say the wrong things,

Do the wrong things

I can't help it

I'm clumsy, I'm stupid

I'm ashamed of myself

I'm sorry I can't make it right.

I'm sorry I can't make myself perfect

Maybe I try too hard

All I ever wanted was to make you proud

To have you smile at my jokes

And think about my ideas

And listen to me…

Just listen.

But it's too late

You've given up on me

I've given up on myself

I hate it, it's wrong

I don't know what to do

Because you're not coming back

You've never had faith in me, you never will

I don't know what to do without you.

I guess I'll just go on

Trying to be smarter, funnier, better

Trying to be the best

And never quite getting there

Never quite reaching perfection.