You flit from light to light
From flame to flame
They burn you again and again

You don't understand because you can't
Singed and confused you stutter and fall
Burned and lost you crawl along

And I watch in wonder and anger
Wondering if you will ever know why you get burned
Wondering if the flames will consume what's... left of you

It is not the nature of the flames that is destroying you
It is you casting yourself into them with such abandon
Searching for completion, for the boundless joy your bitter life lacks

Your frailty and witless casting about of your body
This is what destroys you; this is what you should correct
Because the flames will always burn and always be there

And you are more than a simple insect
But you have yet to prove that to me
And the flames don't seem to care much

You say that there's more to you than this
I have felt that there's more to you than this
But you have yet to prove that to me

Because all you have shown the world
Is nothing more than an insect casting its fragile body to the flames
Trying to find in the throws of agony and passion what it lacks in life

And so I wait and watch to see if maybe the insect will become something more
Or if it will just continue to senselessly cast itself into the flames
And I'll have to watch an insect burn away

So choose what you will be.