Deep brown eyes open to the morning
Rays of daylight reach out to caress soft cheeks
The new day blossoms and stretches its arms

In those eyes shines a star brighter than the sun
A love deeper and more meaningful than life itself

In those same, glistening eyes each night
That same star shines brightly for her to see

Always there with her, in her eyes and in her heart
Its light shines for her alone, her secret treasure
Her star in the sky above, shining bright
It's radiance only matched by the reflection in her eyes
It shines with love for her, only her

As I am in her eyes so she is in mine
So this night I have a simple wish

Star light
Star bright
First Star I see tonight,
I wish I may
I wish I might
Have this wish I wish tonight

That while we might not always be able to see
While we might not always be able to be
That we will always have our love
Shining in our hearts
Singing in our souls