A/N - Have you ever stopped to picture what your life will be like in fifteen years, and been overcome by the urge to cry? Do you ever feel like you're ignored, except for the nice guys who are so darn polite that you feel sorry for them? Have you ever felt that you'll never really fall in love? This is what goes through my mind on a regular basis. Anyway, tell me whatcha think, please! Honestly!

I will fall

Quietly in love.

I fear

That I am too dull

To merit

A wild, tempestuous love affair.

I will not

Be swept off my feet.

I will not be fed on

Truffles and champagne

While the world looks

Enviously on.

He will be a nice,

Dull sort,


And doubtless very


I am not the kind of girl

Who gets diamond rings


Emerald earrings.

Maybe I will get



I remind him.

He will not be self-centered,

And never arrogant.

He will be cute,

Like a happy puppy,

And I will tell


That I would be

A fool,


Pass him by.

I will tell myself that

I will meet

no one


And that I should be

Very happy.

And we will marry,

And I will be


In a vague, happy

Sort of way.

We will have happy children

And lead a happy life,

And I will tell myself that

I am lucky,

To have fallen in love


Such a

Good man.

I will tell myself

That these vague yearnings

Will pass.

"Foolishness of the night",

I will say.

The neighbors will look,

And envy my

Perfect life,

And I will never, ever scream aloud.

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