Desires Burnt Nightly

Dusk ritual of this eminent youth:
Burn a candlestick and pray to his muse.
Nightly invocation of this forgotten deity
Made his dreams a little sweeter--
And sweatier--
And his bed became heavier.

A nightly ritual made by this ordained youth:
Burn an incense stick placed near an open window.
Inviting dreamer spirits to weave a tapestry
Of vivid images and sensual caresses--
Of lucid colours--
That tempt a dreamer ne'er to wake.

Dusk rituals of this self-attained youth:
Made an altar to his morbid fantasies.
Supple touches and hardened slaps
Upon pink, virgin flesh--
Unscathed until then--
Made an object of his possession.

A shrill cry from an abandoned banshee
Awoke this prince from his slumber.
Angered, he sought the beast and
Decapitated it then fed on its wound.