I'd lived two Matt-free weeks and boy, I didn't like it. He'd call occasionally and tell me that he felt like telling his therapy group (he hated group therapy) that he was convinced he could walk on water.

"I've been sneaking Dr Bernadi in here to have some real therapy! It makes me feel so cheap," He laughed, his voice brighter than it had been for a while.

"Maybe you should give the group therapy thing a shot," I said, peering into Celeste's crib to see that she was sound asleep.

"Oh come on, I don't see how holding hands with a bunch of strangers and picturing a babbling brook will help me get over any psychological issues. Hell, I could develop a few new ones right here."

"Well you're coming home tomorrow. Are we picking you up before the ceremony or are you making your own way here?" I asked as Fay ran screeching past my door.

"I'm making my own way I think."

My stomach knotted slightly. I hated to think that I didn't trust Matt but I couldn't help but worry that he might run away again.

"Is that ok, Angel?"

"Sure," I lied. "That's fine."

"I'll see you tomorrow," He blew kissing noises down the line and I laughed.

"You'd better!"

I hung up the phone and decided to head downstairs and make some lunch. The mansion was swimming with people - caterers, carpenters, florists. Fay and Dave had decided to have their ceremony in the back yard. A brand new gazebo had been built and the florists were covering it with lilies. The reception was to be held in a huge white tent that was being constructed in the garden. Dave had gone out to lunch with his father, and Fay was in the living room having the final alterations made to his brand new frock coat.

I followed Michael (who was clearly in charge of everything) into the living room to see how Fay was getting along. He was standing on the coffee table in his white cons and matching pants while the ageing tailor took up the hem on his coat.

Fay's knew frock coat was by far the most beautiful one he had. It was brilliant white with detailed silver buttons. It came in at his tiny waist (I was so jealous - that boy has nicer hips than I do) and flared out again perfectly. He looked beyond happy and just looking at him made me smile.

"How's it goin' my favourite bride-to-be?" I asked, flopping down on the sofa as Michael helped his brother down off the table.

"I'm nervous, is that ok, to be nervous?" He sighed, slipping out of his jacket and sitting beside me.

"Of course it is. Tomorrow's going to be the most important day of your life," I answered.

"Gee mommy, way to make me feel better!" He exclaimed, running his hands through his newly cut hair.

"Fay, you love Dave, don't you?"

"Yuh huh," He nodded with extra enthusiasm. "I sure do."

"All you're doing is telling the world that you're both in love and committed to each other. It's nothing to be scared of," I explained, ruffling his hair.

"Okies," He got to his feet, smiling. "Did I show you my new cons?" He lifted the bottoms of his white pants to show me that he'd written "FAY 3 DAVE" across the toes of his cons.

"Aw, sweet."

"That's me," He nodded. "Sweet like you wouldn't believe."

"Are we picking Matt up tomorrow?" Michael yawned, picking up the phone to shout at the florists for not sending over enough lilies.

"No, he's making his own way here."

"Oh," Michael's face fell. "Well we're gonna be tornado style busy tomorrow, so it's probably best."

I nodded and I knew exactly what Michael was feeling. He longed to be near Matt, to watch over him and make sure he was ok. But that was something Matt should do by himself.

"Hey Mikeh, can I open some wedding presents? Huh Santa, huh?" Fay squealed as he jumped up and down on the sofa.

"How come I'm Santa?" Michael asked with a bemused grin.

"Because you delivered the presents!" Fay explained with an exasperated sigh. "Can I?"

Dave re-appeared with his father in tow. I liked Dave's father; he was an older version of his son with the same shyness and grace.

"Fay, darling, leave the presents till tomorrow," Dave smiled, pulling Fay into his arms and swinging him through the air. Fay giggled and settled into his usual sitting spot on Dave's hip.

"Ok. How was lunch Mr Malvern?" Fay asked politely, smiling sweetly at Dave's grinning father.

"It was just fine sweetheart," Mr Malvern chuckled.

"I have something to show you later," Dave whispered to a beaming Fay.

"I've seen it before," Fay whispered back with wide eyes. Dave looked scandalised and lightly hit Fay on the leg.

"Not that!" Dave exclaimed, blushing a deep red. Fay bit his lip to keep from giggling.

"Oh, ok then."

Fay decided that he wanted to make dinner that night. We all knew that would be a disastrous idea, but Fay pleaded. Finally, he pulled on Jeff's apron and made a call to the local pizza place. The house was empty - all the caterers, florists and whatever else had called it a day.

"Mattie-Jay's coming home tomorrow!" Fay beamed, as if hearing the news for the first time.

"Yeah, he is," Michael smiled softly, almost to himself.

The living room was lit by cute paper lanterns. Dave sat regally in a large armchair, his hair shimmering in the delicate light. Fay sat gracefully in his lap, playing with his lover's fingers.

Michael sat in front of a light and it threw his strong features into deep shadow. His eyes glittered like chips of semi-precious stones. He sat in the silky shadows, watching the happy couple. Michael, who so loved the dark, now lived in the light, and geez Louise it suited him.

I glanced around the room, taking in the heart warming sight of Mr Malvern sitting on the floor playing with Celeste. My wonderful family and my Matt was coming home. Once and for all, we'd be together and we'd be happy.

We had to be.

Fay's POV

I like bed time. Dave and I have a wonderful four poster bed and my favourite part of the day was when Dave would pull the drapes and take me in his arms.

"Choose what book you want!" Dave called from the bathroom.

"I can't believe you have to ask!" I yelled back, prancing over to the book shelf and grabbing my fully illustrated copy of Peter Pan. It was the copy Dave had given me for my 12th birthday, and one of the few possessions from that time that I still had. It was my treasure, just like Dave.

I settled under the covers and flicked the book open to my favourite illustration of Peter and Wendy. I trailed my fingers over the glossy pages as Dave closed the bathroom door.

Dave was a beauty to look at, tall and golden like a Nordic god. But something was wrong - a clean white bandage covered the small area on the left-hand side of his pale chest. Panic fluttered in my throat.

"What's with the ouchie?" I asked quietly as he got into the bed beside me.

"That's what I wanted to show you," He smiled as he slowly removed the dressing.

Covering the skin of the area under the bandage was a tattoo, no bigger than the palm of my hand. It was a figure, a boy dressed in a green tunic made of tiny leaves with green leggings. He was dancing with wooden panpipes in his hand. It was Peter Pan, but with clipped black hair instead of blonde and bright blue eyes. Underneath it, in neatly slanting writing was the word "Fay".

I felt tears leap into my eyes as Dave wrapped a pale arm around my waist. The skin around the tattoo was pink and painful looking. I kissed it softly, feeling my tears spill over.

"You are now, and always have been, my Peter Pan," He said. I looked up into his shining eyes and let him wipe my tears away.

"And I always will be."

Return to Angel's POV

The morning began with Fay's giggle and Celeste's gurgle. My bedroom floor was already warm with the heat from the morning sun as I padded across the room to Celeste's crib.

She seemed to be in brilliant spirits, as if she knew her daddy was coming home. Those eyes were so like his, and I reached down to pick her up. I held her against me, breathing in her baby smell as her fluffy hair brushed against my cheek.

"Angel," Michael appeared in the doorway, wearing his pyjama pants and oversized Greenday shirt. "Do you want some breakfast?"

"I'd love some," I smiled, feeling a leap in my stomach when I thought that even as we spoke, Matt could be on his way home. Celeste reached out her tiny arms to Michael, who took her with a grin.

Dave was downstairs eating a slice of toast and making Mr Malvern a coffee. Michael slid easily onto a high stool and sat Celeste on the counter in front of him.

"Where's Fay?" I asked with a yawn, taking the coffee Dave handed me.

"He's locked himself in the bathroom," Dave grinned. I smiled back and noticed the Fay/Peter Pan hybrid figure tattooed on Dave's chest.

"That's new," I said and he nodded.

"Yeah, you like?"

"It's cute. And permanent."

"Well if it's not forever, what's the point?"

It was half eleven and once again the house was full. Dave and his father had retired to the garden while the hundred guests were seated. Fay was still upstairs with Michael.

I'll admit, I was panicking. The ceremony was due to start in half and hour and there was no sign of Matt. To calm myself, I started dressing Celeste. I'd chosen her fancy white dress with the puffy sleeves and lace trim. She smiled calmly up at me as I laced up her white baby cons (she has them in ever colour) as if to say "don't worry mommy, Daddy'll be here."

Michael appeared in the doorway again - he has this brilliant talent, he can appear out of nowhere. He was wearing his black pants, his Sunday pants as I called them. His black blazer covered his black "Live Fast Die Young" t-shirt. Michael exuded maturity and togetherness. I wish I had his strength.

"Matt here yet?" He asked.

"Nope," I replied sadly.

"Oh. Think we should call him?"

"No. He'll be here. I know he will be."

Matt's POV

I officially hate alarm clocks.

I was sure I'd set the centre alarm clock for 10:30. I'd planned it all out: I'd wake up at 10:30, shower, dress and set off at eleven-ish, so I'd be back at the Anavrin mansion on time.

But like the centre itself, the alarm clock was incompetent. It went off at 11:15, then sat glaring smugly at me while I pulled my clothes on. I ran out of the centre at 11:30, yanking my black frock coat (Fay's contagious) on as I did.

I didn't see the beautiful blonde hiding in the shadows, his hat pulled low over his bright blue eyes. Someone was there to witness my moment of redemption after all.

I played boy racer in my Cadillac, cruising the streets as if they were empty. I kept taking deep breaths as if I was having trouble breathing. The oxygen in my lungs felt so pure, so fresh. I felt like I hadn't been outside in forever. Everything was new and exciting, from the fluffy clouds in the sky to the pompous poodle walking its owner.

It was like I was seeing everything for the first time, with the wide-eyed innocence of a child. The world had its faults, but they didn't seem to matter very much. The wind caressed my hair and the sun warmed my skin.

Redemption had been worth it.

Back to Angel's POV

I was about to give up hope.

Fay was standing at the bottom of the stairs and there isn't a word to describe how he looked. His clothes looked like they knew him, pulling in and flaring out in all the right places. His black hair fell about his flawlessly high cheekbones like strokes of ink. Fay looked happy. He looked ready.

The ceremony was scheduled to start in five minutes but we were still Matt-less. Fay was refusing to do anything till Matt got there.

"He'll get here," Fay said stubbornly. "He promised."

"Matt doesn't always keep his promises," I sighed bitterly.

"This time he does."

I spun to face the door, just as Matt closed it silently behind him. My first thought was "wow". For the first time in ages, Matt looked healthy. His hair shone in the light as he brushed it away from his face. The pink was back in his cheeks and his old seductive smile tickled his lips.

"You're late," Michael smiled.

"I like to make an entrance," Matt grinned in reply.

I couldn't help but smile. I'd doubted Matt, but he'd pulled through. He had kept his promise and there he was, healthy, happy and mine again.

The ceremony had been wonderful, bringing a tear to everyone's eye. The tenderness with which Fay and Dave proclaimed their love for each other was some serious heart-melting stuff.

But of course, Fay had to have a wild party afterwards. He'd paid to have an underground Brit-rock band flown over to play the reception. They took to the stage, fresh faced and timid as Matt sat down beside me.

"They look so happy," I said, watching Dave and Fay dance. Well, I call it dancing, but it wasn't really. Fay would wrap his legs around Dave's waist and Dave would hold him. They looked comfortable, blissful. I could go on. I know plenty of adjectives.

"Yeah, they do. I always knew those crazy kids would work it out."

"What about us crazy kids?" I asked quietly. He laced his fingers through mine and brushed his lips against my hand.

"We'll be just fine."

And we were.

(A/N: So this is the end of this story, but I have everything planned out! I will be posting the first chapter of my new story Back When You Were Frank soon, and that story will be about Dave and Fay's early friendship and relationship. I hope you enjoy it! When I've finished that, I will be writing The Emo Kid: Matt Harris, The Early Years which as I'm sure you've guessed is the story of Matt's life before he met Angel. I will then be moving on to The Emo Kid And His Big Day - the seventh and last Emo Boy Story. Thanks to everyone who's read and reviewed this story, major hearts to you all, especially Michael for being my inspiration :D)