I wanna b y'r girl.

I think I want y' but I don't say it

how must I say what love is?

kiss me real and if y' don't love

break my heart and out my mind.

I wanna see into y'r heart and say I know who y're

please stay with me

without y' not me, y're me, I'm y'

I wanna be y'r girl.

when I'm with y'

do you feel my emotions?

love or simple game?

after the death, can y' love me again in a new life?

we're'n't angels, we're just in love

(but we don't know what love is...)

I wanna listen y'r soul

(any place with y' can be paradise although we're in the hell)

reach out my feelings and let it to be

I guess my life is y'r

y'r love is my morphine

I wanna be y'r girl.