Coffee (A.K.A. Crazy for Love)

It all started with just smiles,
A stare in the eyes that seemed to last for miles.
A shake of a hand or a hug to share,
Now all of this doesn't seem too fair.
My heart leaps for your touch,
Everyday I wanted you so much.
Now we are together,
Love for always and for ever.
How it all started, that I do not know,
But I remember the first time we were alone.
The smile in you eyes, the concern on your face;
You touched my hand and my heart started to race.
Next thing I knew, the world seemed to leave.
Our first kiss, Oh God I forgot to breath,
I will never forget that day,
How I had forgotten what to say.
How I had to force myself to stand,
And how I hated letting go of your hand.
Praying for another time,
Not sure I'll be fine,
Your kisses linger on my lips to this day,
And how your lips seemed to know what to say.
I may be crazy, but this I've known,
That I'm crazy for you, that has surely shown.

Sammy K

This is written by one of my bestfriends, and since I've put up some of her other stuff, this is going along too. Coffee is an inside joke between us. Don't ask.