Crimson Butterfly

Chapter Five

The Underworld

Child of Destruction

Part One/Four


It has come to pass

The Child will be born

Of incest and blood

The Child will bring forth

The esscense of Destruction

The Death of a Generation

The lineage of people

Born of a time of Rebirth

It will be the Death

To all it Touches.

))((( Curtis's P.O.V

The lights passed by like fireflies in the night as I speared through the air, my eyes closed to feel the wind on my cold flesh. I stopped mid-flight and dropped to the ground on my feet.

"So, why have you called me on such a beautiful night?" I inquired the man in front of me.

The man shifted his weight to his right, his leg was mangled but it had been long before our meeting at this moment that it had happened. His hair was grey and his eyes a tired blue. He cleared his throat, a cough of a long time smoker.

"Curtis...I have a job for you," He said, his voice too old and worn for a fifty year old man.

"I am no longer a mercenary for your business, Duke. I'm retired, I have been retired for six months. How is your daughter by the way?"

Duke caught the tease in my voice and his expression hardened.

"Leave Maria out of our conversation. I have known you for a long time and you're lucky that I forgive you for what you had done to my sweet daughter. Her innocence was not part of your job and yet you defied me."

"Innocence my ass, Duke, your dear daughter wasn't even a virgin before I got to her. You should put a tracer on that whore. Your reputation might dwindle if her midnight runs get out into the world. Now, on to better things, what is this job you have for me? How much blood are you willing to give?"

Duke shook his head and sat down on the park bench behind him. I could hear the bones in his knees crack from the arthritis and the muscles strain to allow such movement. He looked at me as he rested his hands on his cane.

"There is a young woman, Curtis, that has come to me in the need of protection until she enters the Underworld-"

"A young woman eh? Is she a vixen or a goose?" I interupted with a chuckle.

"This is no laughing matter, asshole. Now, she is a halfling. A tyluchion and a human, she has lived here on Earth for half her life and many demons are after her. I have come to you because you are a powerful vampyre of lore, the best in your field and no demon could stand against you. Reshka, you can come out."

I looked over to a tree and a young woman stepped out. I was taken aback by her beauty, a real jewel in the dark that shown with vigor. Her hair was waist length and silver in color while her eyes were beautiful orbs of azure. She wore a thigh length skirt of plaid, knee high stockings and a form fitting white blouse. Her hair was in two braids, settling over her delicate shoulders. She was petite and well curved, her breasts set high by her black bra. Around her neck was a pendent that had a cross. Her skin was milky white, like a china doll, her nails were painted crimson red. She looked the part of a school girl, which I then figured made her fit in with the regular humans.

She tilted her head and a larger form emerged from the shadows. A real Tyluchion, this one a male. She gestured to him with an expressionless face.

"This is Ramus, my personal servant," she said with an angelic voice.

Duke cleared his throat.

"You may notice that he is bulky and well trained, yet he is incapable of fighting off demons. Demons of the right hand man of the Marionette, your Lord. You are in charge of killing the assassins, you'll know who they are. There are four of them. Nash, the Garkel. Marcus, the Fire Efreet. Bahl, the Whyrm and Jub-oba, the Verkle. Those four you know and you should be able to easily kill them, they do not know you are on the case. So they will be taken off guard. I have set up a place for you to stay, all three of you. Curtis, be sure to protect both so that they can make it to the Underworld in one piece. I entrust you with their lives."

I nodded and folded my arms over my chest, still taking in the beautiful young woman in front of me as Duke stood. He started towards his car.

"I do hope you can help them, Curtis, I have great faith in you. Go to 432 avenue, you'll know where your adobe is," he said and left the park.

I turned to the two and grinned.

"So, are you ready to go, Reshka?" I inquired.

Reshka smiled.

"Alright, I could use a rest, we've been traveling for a month. Come Ramus, let's follow Mr.Curtis."

I laughed.

"Don't be formal with me, Reshka, just call me Curtis...or whatever you would like."

Ramus glared at me and I grinned deviously. We traveled to the large house and Ramus turned to me as we came to the front door.

"Curtis, I will stand guard outside. I do hope you don't make any indecent moves on miss Reshka, or else-"

"Yeah yeah, well, she's tired. So I'll get her settled in," I said and led Reshka inside.

Reshka stood at the door as I walked into the building and I smiled. The inside was cozy and nice, not at all like a tomb. I turned to her and placed my hands behind my head.

"So, how'd you get stuck with the big brute out there?"

Reshka blinked for a moment and chuckled.

"I'm not stuck with him, he's my mate."

My grin faltered and I sighed.

"You two make a cute couple..."

"Oh, thank you!"

I then figured she was a complete airhead and led her up the stairs. I opened a door and stepped to the side, allowing her to walk inside first.

"This is your room, I'll be across the hall if you need anything, just yell," I said and turned.

Her hand touched my back and I stopped. Turning my head, I raised my eyebrow.


Reshka smiled.

"Thank you. For protecting us I mean, we've gone through so much since we've died and I want Ramus to live like he had when he was living. With or without me, I want him to be in the Underworld where he belongs. I want him to be happy."

I nodded.

"Think nothing of it, Reshka. Besides, having a beautiful young woman like you at his side should have him jumping for joy."

She blushed.

"Uh, our race doesn't exactly depend on looks. We only become mates to breed and make more of our race. You see, we are the only ones left, so it had to be us."

I turned around and tilted my head to the right.

"So, you two didn't exactly hit it off?" I asked.

"No, it's my duty to love and to be there for him. It wasn't my choice."

Reshka smiled.

"Now, I'd like to get some sleep, so I'll see you in the morning. Good night."

She closed the door and I stood out there for a few moments, wondering if I should walk in. My inner pervert took over me and I peeked through the door, a blush running across my face as I watched her.

to be continued...