The dark Place
by: Trista Groulx

Darkness surrounds, engulfs the healing light
Cold takes hold of the warmth
Silent sobs turn to ghastly moans
When the darkness takes hold
No dreams can survive in this place
No hope remains in the complete darkness
It engulfs the world, suffocating the people
Darkness surrounds, engulfs the healing light
No heroes dressed in white to save the day
Just this ever present darkness
It takes hold of the world
Tortured screams replace laughter
Mournful Sobs replace mindless chatter
In a world where only darkness survives
Where no light can be seen
And real life cannot survive here
Only a dark preverted version of life
When darkness surrounds
It will engulf the healing light
Nothing will ever be the same
Life will be futile
And all hope will be lost
To this dark place
Darkness surrounds, engulfs the healing light

a/n: this is an older one, i really like it cause it can be intuprted as your own personal dark place that you see when you're depressed, or it can be a warning about where the world is going, which do you think?