Suicidal Confessions
by: trista groulx

I thought about it again
Such a scary thought
I know it was valid
It was present
I've thought about it so much
More then I would like to admit
It scares me so much
Am Ithe only one who thinks it?
Tell me, I'm not the only one
I would never do it
I don't think i would
Just thought scares me
If I think it can I do it?
I don't think I could
Tell me I'm not the only one
Tell me I'll beall right
Please tell me what to do
Cause I don't know what to do
I can't do it, I know that I can't
But I have thought aboutit
How would I do it?
When would I do it?
What would I tell them?
Would I even everdo it?
Questions I don't want to answer
Tell me these feelings are normal
I don't know anymore
Please help me!
I don't know what to do
I think I'm drowning
Be my lifesaver
I need you to save me!
I admitted I needed help
You have the next move
You know the consequence
Don't ignore these signs
Don't ignore my silent pleas!
Or there will be nothing left
Nothing left of me
I will be gone forever

a/n yes, this is about suicide if you want to give me an ear, thank you, but i no longer feel this way, i am hoping that by sharing this peice that i can prevent someone from feeling the loss i felt when i lost a friend about two years after, i know a lot of people on here write about cutting and wanting to die, and i hope the rest of my work shows you can get over those feelings