Resounding Sounds


The resounding sounds

Echoing through my head

The pain that throbs

Spinning me down this spiral to hell

Broken and battered

Lost in this maze of deceit

My knees buckle

I fall and the tears weep with me

Holding onto the ground as everything turns

The melodies playing through my head

The voices intertwined within this hallow insanity

So much that's expected

So much I can't do

So much that seems much too bad to be true

Watching headlights drift past me

The rain and fog on the windshield

Makes the world around us

The way I've always perceived it

Dark and rainy

Misted over and hazy

The resounding sounds

The voices and echoes

They're louder than this CD player can be

They're louder than my heartbeat

I cannot escape

I'm not sure if I want to