I'm not alone,

Yet here I sit;

Amidst a crowd of forgotten people,

Waiting to no longer be transparent

A vision, a dream--

All too soon becomes a nightmare

Of unequalled proportions;

Parallel to that of a precipice

If only the darkness wasn't so black,

Maybe then I could take back,

The words I didn't say,

And the thoughts that crossed my mind,

On that misty evening

The woods were quiet

And so were we;

Attempts at normal conversation,

Manifested failures taking on my form-

Until I could no longer think

Oh what could I have said?

Millions of things....

And yet my trecherous tounge

Betrayed me by its reluctance

So.....looking at the memory,

Watching it fade in the darkness;

The sense of longing fading too,

Finally blurring the image of you