Thoughts of A Schizophrenic Teenager

The sun sits on high As the stars lay and sigh Under a blanket of cloud The echo of the wolf is loud Shattering the silence instantly Announcing its presence blatantly 2/02/05

And with a grin the cat's tail disappeared, next his body til he was nothing more then a floating head. The cat began to laugh like a lunatic, his stripes disappeared and then his head. All that was left was his eyes nose and grin, his nose vanished followed by his giddy eyes. His grinning laughing smile was left suspended in mid air. When his smile finally vanished into thin air, his laughter still echoed throughout the forest.

Could I be any more bored? This is becoming an infectious problem, this virus is invading my private thoughts and forcing me to expel them via the computer. HELP ME! I need to be saved from this virus menace! My thoughts should be my own, but this stupid ignorant virus is forcing me to type them! Why must I do this? I didn't do anything to him! He's so mean to me! This is becoming a bored…I hate you, you stupid little virus, I can't wait for your death, to free my brain from your exploitive bonds! Free me from this plague of nonsense! These are the rants that go through my mind…I hate you, you stupid little virus, expelling my secrets to the public around me… I despise you! Go to the vast abyss and rot in eternal damnation you sick vile bug from the nether regions! These are the rants of a mad man! That's been stuck in this class to damn long…help me someone!
Now for another exciting installment of The Creepy Thought Expelling Virus!
How much longer to I have to deal with this virus…longer then I hoped, I was planning to be rid of him earlier this block, but I didn't get rid of him. Would have thought mindless dribble being pounded into my brain would have brought him to his microscopic knees. But he's stronger then I had anticipated. I must find a way to annihilate him! 1:35pm

What shall I work on Mrs. Hemingway? I'm done what I was supposed to be doing, may I work on private typing? Story stuff, like I was just typing before this.

Thank the Gods the virus didn't expel my true thoughts, he would have ruined everything, I'm going to go insane with his intrusion of my private mind! I will destroy him and his microscopic existence… 1:40pm 02/18/05