Past Prejudices
by: tirsta groulx

What's the difference between this and the racism of before?
The same racism you taught was so unjust
The cruelties, supposed to be from the past
The cruelties almost unimaginable
All because you thought yourself superior once
Call it the "Aryan Myth", "Social Darwinsim", all the same
How is this different form the injustice of the past?
The atrocities carried out which we read about in history texts
Those things we dare not do again, like Holocaust or genocide
Tell me how you justify what you're doing now?
When you condemn the same ideals of the past?
Tell me how to justify these "new" oldprejudices?
You think that it's all right to teach them as truths
When they are just the same tired lies of yesteryear
Will now be written the same as we read the past?
Will the future see it all in the same light?
When will we see now, likethenotso distant past injustices?
So manylessons we've not yet learned
Not much different from theprejudcies of the past
How can you think it's different from the racism of before?
How can you teach tolerance when you know it not?
When might we learn these lessons?
These lesson laid out clearly in our past
Is this really different fromthe prejudices of the past?