A Viper's Poison



Light shone through a lone window in the Den where Sarah worked. She sat in the black leather swivel chair pulled close to the desk with her elbows propped on top. Her silvery blond hair was pulled into a loose bun, held together by two pens, loose tendrils framing her smooth face. She stared at the papers scattered on her desk, her fingers flicking her black pen against the top of the wooden surface as her aqua eyes scanned the papers.

Sarah jumped slightly when she felt a large hand grab her shoulder, but then she recognized it to be Darren's. She turned her chair to the right to face him and found him holding two steaming mugs of coffee, a tired expression adorning his face.

"Hey," he said, handing Sarah one of the hot mugs before bending down and placing a quick kiss on the top of her head.

"Hey, thanks," she replied, smiling at him gratefully as she took a sip from her mug. The hot liquid burned her mouth as she swallowed it, sending a warm shiver through her body.

"Have you found him yet?" Darren asked, taking a sip from his own coffee mug.

"No, it's as if he just completely disappeared," Sarah answered, as she studied her notes on the desk.

"Well your father seems to be pretty good at that," Darren remarked.

"It has been a month since I let him get away," she said dejectedly. "At this rate we'll never find him."

"You did not let him get away Sarah," Darren objected as he moved his hands to her shoulders massaging her tense muscles. "You were stunned, grieving for me and injured." Darren let his fingers caress her left shoulder, running the tips gently over the scar left by Michael's bullet. "Besides, you will find him. You're the best." He grinned squeezing her shoulders.

"You sound so confident when you say I was grieving for you," Sarah said, looking up innocently at Darren. "Maybe I was crying because I was relieved that the bumbling idiot who kept pestering me was finally gone."

"Well, if that's the case, I want my coffee back," Darren replied, holding out his hand.

"Taking my coffee away, now that would really make me sad," Sarah said, moving her mug away from Darren's outstretched arm. Darren placed his own mug on the desk and kneeled next to Sarah's chair.

"You mean you didn't miss me?" Darren said, in a low husky voice as he raised his hand and caressed the side of Sarah's face, his thumb brushing over her lips. Sarah felt her body tingle at his touch as he moved his head closer to hers.

"Maybe just a little," she breathed, closing her eyes awaiting his sweet kiss that never came.

"Maybe you should eat a little mint," Darren said, snorting causing Sarah's eyes to open as he pulled away. "Your breath reeks of coffee."

"You did that on purpose jerk!" Sarah growled, hitting him playfully on the arm.

"That's what you get for lying," Darren teased, laughing at her annoyed face. He pulled her chair to him and kissed her softly.

"I thought I reeked of coffee," Sarah sniffed, turning her head away.

"Well I guess you're lucky that I love the taste of coffee," Darren stated, turning her head gently back to look at him. "But I love the taste of you even more." he added, looking into her bright aqua eyes with his own smoldering blue ones. He brought his lips to hers, enjoying the flavor of her mouth, the smell of her sugary perfume and the feel of her body against his. Sarah smiled at him when they broke away.

"I guess I am pretty lucky aren't I?" she said.

"You're darn right you're lucky. You get to be with the most intelligent and sexiest man alive, me," Darren answered, pointing his thumbs at his chest.

"Sexiest man alive, eh?" Sarah replied, looking over Darren's body. "I don't know, I always felt Sean had this irresistible sex appeal about him," Sarah said coyly, laughing on the inside as Darren's face darkened.

"I'll show you irresistibly sexy." He growled, pulling her down from her chair into his lap as he sat back against the floor.

"Okay, okay, I was just kidding!" Sarah screeched, as Darren assaulted her with tiny kisses on her neck.

"Who's the sexiest man alive?" he asked, kissing the curve of her collarbone.

"You are, you are," Sarah gasped.

"Thank you," Darren said with a satisfied grin.

Sarah snuggled against his chest and ran her fingers through his soft black hair.

"How's your work going?" she asked as she listened to the steady beating of his heart.

"Wonderful. Amy is amazing to work with and completely brilliant," Darren answered contently.

"I'm glad you like our little organization," Sarah said.

"Anything to be with you everyday," Darren quipped.

"Oh stop it you suck up," Sarah grinned. Darren smiled and pulled her tighter against him. They stayed like that in comfortable silence until Darren heard rhythmic breathing coming from the sleeping beauty.

"I meant that, Sarah," he whispered in her ear as she slept. "I want to be with you everyday for the rest of our lives, and someday, I will."

Darren gently kissed the top of her head and stroked her silky hair as he wondered what the future held for them. Knowing Sarah, it was bound to be another death defying adventure.


A Viper's Poison is totally complete now. Yes I left the ending open for a sequel because I let her father get away. He was the unknown boss through the story, he wasn't revealed until last chapter in case you were confused. I can't promise a sequel and I can't promise one right away, the story's plot needs to come to me, but I do want to do one. I hope you enjoyed my story, thanks for everything guys!