When all the lights are faded
And sparks of life seem dim
When every wind's a twister
And every laugh is grim
He lights a torch to guide me
And helps me stand awhile
Holds out His hand to shield me
Gives courage to my smile

Even when I stray from Him
And run from my own faith
He'll take me back with open arms
And guard me, keep me safe
Closes up the sores of sin
And eases every pain
And sets me back upon my feet
To walk my path again

I try to keep Him close to me
It helps to know he's near
He comes and listens every time
I need a friend to hear
No one but my Saviour
Ever loved me like He does
I've nothing to give Him
But my faithfulness and trust

To have someone so loving
Watching every step I take
I go through life with certainty
That He's there in my wake
He helps me through my joy and gloom
Forgives my every flaw
And 'till the end, I follow Him
For He's my only God