Still Breathing

Today was like a year

Twelve months ago, I was running to catch the bus

Eleven months ago, I ran out of time on my geometry quiz

Ten months ago, I was bubbling in letters on a scantron for a science test

Nine months ago, I was eating my chicken sandwich

You were fine then

Eight months ago, I was griping about civics homework

Seven months ago, I was playing the part of "Really Dumb Prince" in a skit

You were fine then

Six months ago, I was groaning at the snowfall

Five months ago, I was complaining about District Band practice being canceled

Four months ago, he told me he liked someone else

Three months ago, you were fine

Two months ago, you weren't

Two months ago, you comtemplated

Two months ago, you glared at life in disgust

Two months ago, you took that knife

Two months ago, you wanted to die

One month ago, you told us

One month ago, we were shaking and crying

One month ago, we begged, "Please, no"

One month ago, we were forced to grow up

One month ago, we convinced you not to

But all we knew and all we know

Is the text on the screen

All we know is what you tell us

And it's pretty damn easy to type "ok"

When you've just swallowed a bottle of pills

When you've only slitted one wrist

Now, we'll never look at life the same way

Because 12 months ago

School and boys were our priorities

Now, all that matters is that

You're still breathing