Hello, I am Ignorance. I live in Ignorance, USA. I am totally happy, living my life. Everything in the world is perfect, so I don't have to work; I don't have to speak up; I don't have to do anything. What strife? What famine? What flood? What tragedy? What death? What are these things you speak of? I am not aware of any problems. I am not aware of any pain. I am not aware of anything. I live in Ignorance. I am Ignorance.


He was a young man, strong and healthy. He lived a pretty good life. He lived in a beautiful home with his wondrous wife. Then his wife fell ill. She contracted a deadly disease. She is slowly dying, withering away until she becomes nothing but an empty husk, giving a weak imitation of what was. He is forced to watch her, see her pain, and know that he will soon lose her. He is in serious spiritual pain. He is in despair. He is Despair.


Loneliness is a withered old woman, sitting in the middle of a vast forest. Her eyes are always searching, constantly seeking out a companion. She draws the unwary into the forest, attracting them to her, but they always lose themselves. Thus, she sits in her solidarity, waiting. Gazing up at the dark, forbidding sky, jealousy infests her soul, because all the stars have companions. She doesn't. The old woman just sits there, getting older and lonelier; until it overcomes her and her flame of life expires. Her soul passes silently into the underworld, with no one there to mark her departure.


Before the death, before the tragedy, before the pain, there was hope. After the death, after the tragedy, after the pain, there was still hope.

Look into your soul and find the hope.