Hypothesis: If you force a loser and a jock together in any environment, then disaster will ensue.

Obviously I had been correct in my assumption, especially considering the whispers and glances surrounding me as I walked through the halls after the blow up in the lunch room.

Two weeks ago I had never expected any of this to happen. Two weeks ago I wasn't worried about the gossip spreading about me because no one had known who I was. Two weeks ago, it was April and I against the world, not April and Brad and I. And Two weeks ago I could have really cared less if the intimidating, domineering, gorgeous Logan was upset because someone had been lying to him.

But even now I didn't quite understand it. Because everyone has been lied to in their lives (i.e. Santa Claus) and this particular lie hadn't been meant to hurt anyone, it was just for a good grade. (Which we got by the way; Brad had given me a huge bear hug when he saw his A paper.) So why was Logan being so hyper-sensitive. And why did I care?

Fact: I hate it when people are angry with me.

Fact: Logan was very angry with me judging by his constant avoidance of my 'Hey Logan can I talk to you for a second?' exclamations.

Fact: I really hate it when people are angry with me.

I decided that when the bell rang that day for school to get out I had to do something about this; because it was just driving me insane and that would be no good for anyone.

Aunt Jim's house looked more inviting than any other time I'd ever been there. I dumped my bike on the lawn and sprinted towards the steps, ringing frantically on the doorbell. Footsteps on the inside were followed by a few curses and a "Good heavens, I'm coming!"

A frowning face met me through the open door but it immediately smiled when Joan realized who I was. "Lisa, dear! It's been ages, where have you been keeping yourself?!" Sparkling eyes took in my form. "You look terrible. Come in."

Two weeks ago I might have been offended but I think we've established that two weeks ago was not now.

"So," Aunt Jim started, seating herself carefully on the couch, "what's the problem darling?"

I rushed through my explanations because those didn't matter. What mattered now was that I didn't know how to fix anything. And I needed someone to tell me how.

"Oh dear," Aunt Jim breathed when I was finished.

"Yeah, and now I don't know what I'm supposed to do and I hate that he's mad at me and I don't know why exactly because if it was anyone else I don't think I'd care quite so much and-" I let out a frustrated breath.

"Well I think the reason you care so much is quite obvious." Aunt Jim said with a smirk. Normally, I would have objected but I wasn't feeling normal so I just nodded. Because she was right wasn't she?

"So we just have to figure out a way to clear up this mess." Joan said with a shrug, like it was the easiest thing in the world. "It's simple really; you just have to get him flowers."

I blinked. "Huh?"

"Believe me dear, being a man and a woman has taught me a few things and one of them is that both genders appreciate a good bouquet of flowers and an apology note." She said, gripping my chin lightly. "Listen to me, Lisa. Just because Logan is different than anyone you've ever met doesn't mean he's not the same as everyone else inside. We often create walls for ourselves so we can feel protected and sometimes it takes someone to climb them for us to let the walls down."

"So you think I can tie the flowers together and make a rope?" I said cheekily. Joan laughed and patted my cheek fondly.

I stood up to leave, feeling slightly better and slightly worse. "Thanks, Aunt Jim."

"No problem, anytime. Don't be a stranger." She said, looking lonely alone on her couch. I wondered if anyone had bothered to climb her walls.

The problem with flowers was that I had no idea where to start. Was I supposed to buy roses? Weren't those a little 'I want to be with you forever'? Or maybe I was supposed to go with something like daisies. But to me those said, 'Get well soon from your sore throat.' And violets were too girly. And orchids were too extravagant. And come to think of it, I only had two dollars in my pocket.

Dejected, I climbed back on my bike and pedaled away from the flower shop. I rode past the park where a baseball game was going on and stopped when I saw April cheering from the stands. I shook my head with a laugh and rode closer.

"Ape!" I called. She turned around from her energetic clapping and her eyes widened. Blushing, she immediately dropped her hands to her sides and sat down.

"Brad forced me to come. You know how he is." She said with a shrug. I just laughed. "The game is almost over, thank God and then we can leave."

"Where's Brad?" I asked and April pointed him out to me. Currently, he was forming a line with the rest of the team for the high five thing they always do with the opposing side.

Without realizing it, my eyes found Logan. As the boys left the field he stood at home plate, just standing there. Part of me was screaming to go talk to him and the more sensible half was telling me to leave before he could see me and ignore me again.

But I thought of Aunt Jim on her couch and I thought of the flowers and the walls and I stooped to pluck a dandelion before I marched bravely to the field.

"Logan," I began, and when he didn't turn I flinched. But I positioned myself right in front of him and ignored the fact that he was looking past me as always. "This is for you." I said, thrusting the dandelion towards him, feeling rather stupid.

He raised an eyebrow but took it anyway. "I'm sorry." I said, not really knowing how to continue from there. So I tried again. "I'm sorry that I lied to you, and that I hurt you, and that I made you angry."

I swallowed. "And I'm sorry that you won't look anyone in the eye, and that your life was so hard that you had to put up walls, and that no one has bothered to climb them."

"And I'm sorry that a dandelion won't fix anything but it's the best I've got so, there you have it." With an exhale I looked at my feet, cheeks burning with embarrassment.

I didn't really expect a response back, but I got one anyway. "You're so weird Lisa, you always were."

I looked up and found him looking back at me. "I think you're pretty weird, too." He smiled and I was sorry that it looked so foreign on his face but I was happy that I put it there.

"We make a good pair then, don't we?" He asked casually, smirk tugging at his lips. I shrugged.

"Yeah, I guess."

"You guess?" He asked, raising his eyebrows with a grin. I rolled my eyes.

"Ok…I know." Logan smiled again and put the dandelion behind my ear.


"Oh God, it just keeps getting more and more sappy every day, doesn't it?" April whined, coming up behind us, Brad in tow.

His arms caught her around the waist. "Why yes, pookie bear, I do think you're correct on that one." Brad said with a smirk. April smacked his arms and put her hands on her hips.

"Lisa, I'm ashamed. You gave him a flower? Where on earth did you get that idea? And Logan! Man, you're supposed to be cold and unforgiving, that would have made a good ending, but instead you had to fall into the typical cliché of jock with geek and now we're officially qualified for the new romantic comedy hitting theatres next summer."

Brad rolled his eyes. Logan grabbed my hand.

Two weeks ago I might have agreed with April.

But this wasn't two weeks ago, was it?

--The End--

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