Author's Notes: This is just a blurb I thought of while listening to some remixed songs. Lyric-less songs with nothing but sitars playing, a.k.a., heaven. Sitar: An Indian lute with a long neck and a varying number of strings. (Definition, compliments of Webster) They've got a really unique sound, if you've never heard one. Reminds me of a Spanish guitar. Enough rambling. Onto blurb –now-

Blurb One - Nothing Special

The angel ran, its wings nearly nonexistent, having been ripped apart by them. It cast a quick glance down at the sleeping bundle in its arms. The child was growing at an abnormal rate, typical of both new angels and devils. Even though the babe had only been born mere minutes ago, it was already as big as a six month old human child; if the angel did not move faster, the babe would never get to its father and it would either be condemned, killed or found by the humans and used for "Scientific study" rather known as torture, a torture that not even the beings of hell would put their new arrivals through.

The heavenly being stretched out its wings as it made it to a meadow, it's wings flapped helplessly in a futile attempt to fly. The child began to cry, sensing the hopelessness of the situation. The angel attempted to soothe the child to the best of its ability while running, but the child continued to wail.

The angel could hear them now, the growls of the devils, the shouts of the angels and the cries of the humans, all coming together in one horrid noise; it was chaos. The angel began using its wings to propel itself forward. It could not fight, even if it knew, there was no weapon to be found; it knew no magic and the thing in its arms could not yet even speak, let alone know and recite an entire incantation, their future was tinted black, unknown but bleak all the same.

The angel finally saw a familiar figure up ahead, causing a small smile to spread across its face. As soon as the child was in it's father's arms, the angels and devils would leave, however the humans would continue to come, but would be easily deterred. The angel's fate was known, punishment from god was all that lie ahead, but as long as the child was in it's father's possession, nothing else mattered.

It didn't matter that the child's father happened to be a halfling, the son of a hell and a earth, or that the child's mother happened to be that of heaven and earth. Just as long as the child was with it's surviving parent, only a few more feet…the man turned and ran towards them, seizing the child from the angel's arms and sobbing.

The angel smiled and placed a hand on his shoulder before turning to face their pursuers. It gave a telepathic command to the man, simply stating "run."

As the man took off the angel sighed. The messengers of god that had been following it were turning around, but the devils had now merged with the humans; burrowed inside the depths of their hearts, causing their darkest desires to surface.

The possessed humans pulled out their various weapons and took aim at both the angel and the retreating family. The angel stretched out its broken wings, tears streaming down its cheeks from the pain, and was forced to the ground as the spears and arrows pierced its flesh. Pain shot through the small broken body, and it twitched and thrashed violently. Soon the human-devils were on top of it, cutting, beating, clawing; quickening its descent into death.

The angel thought of the child and smiled, knowing that their fate was sealed; one day, the child would return to destroy them all. Its body began to glow, its wounds healed, and the possessed humans stepped back. Six golden wings sprouted from its back, as the broken wings were snapped back into place and healed.

In a flash, the body was gone, leaving the humans scattered on the ground, shocked and covered in silver blood, a soft voice carrying on the wind "Take care, Faust."

Authors Note: Short, psychotic and/or odd, sounds like me.. oh well! I may uses this again, who knows. Oh, and the angel is referred to as an 'it' because angels have no gender. Oh and angels can die, they choose what they want to be reincarnated as, unlike humans who are stuck being humans unless they have non-human blood in their line, then they can choose what they want to be reincarnated as.