Edin roamed around the other kingdoms looking for jobs. The first few kingdoms he came to were under strict orders for no one to hire him. He finally got involved with some Gypsies. They hired him on to help with the horses since he was more than qualified. He spent about eight months with the Gypsies and saw many new places. He wrote to Vihanna and told her about all his adventures. He split up from the Gypsies in a town called Disparaître. The town was full of odd people with no past- that anyone knew about that is. So naturally he was welcomed. Though he was welcomed he still found it hard to find work to make a living. Late one evening, after a fruitless day of searching for a job, Edin met a very strange man.

The man wore a black cape over some slightly loose black breeches tied at the waist with a silver and gold woven drawstring and a black slightly small and tight tunic. His hair was the color of the stars and his eyes were violet. The man appeared ancient, but not frail. He appeared to be struggling with his burden from the days shopping and what not, so Edin went to see if he needed any help.

"Excuse me sir, but do you need some help?"

"Oh, why that would be very kind, but I think I can manage." As he said this one of his sacks fell and vials of herbs rolled out onto the ground. Edin quickly knelt down and began to gather them and put them back in the sack. "Well, on second thought I guess I could use some help." He handed Edin two more sacks in addition to the one he already had.

They walked together in silence. At the edge of the little shopping area there was a carriage that Edin and the man loaded the things onto. "Well here you are, sir." The man said as he pulled out some coins preparing to pay Edin for helping him.

"No thanks." Edin shook his head. "Have a good trip sir." Edin began to walk away.

"Wait. Where are you staying?" Edin shrugged his shoulders.

"I suppose under the stars." He said as he looked up to the heavens.

"Nonsense. Come with me. You can stay the night in one of my extra rooms and in the morning I have a proposition for you."

"I really… it's not necessary…"

"I know that, but I would like very much for you to accompany me." Edin looked at the older gentleman for a minute to determine if he was trustworthy.

"Ok." Edin returned to the carriage and they got in.

Edin watched out the window at the passing scenery. After a long ride they came onto a road that was around a large lake. Edin could see a large dark tower rising somewhere in the middle. After a short time of circling the lake they were on a bridge heading out to the tower. When they had stopped Edin got out and looked up at it. The building was gray stoned and extremely tall. Edin felt so insignificant standing beside such an immaculate structure. He was mesmerized.

"It's much more pleasant to look at inside," the man said with a grin, "come on." Edin followed still overwhelmed by the building.

Inside wasn't any less a wonder than the outside. It was dimly lit my candle slowly losing their flame and dust decorated the walls like paint. It had a feeling of antiquity. Though somewhat small, it felt open and for some reason welcoming to him. Perhaps it was the fact that he had been alone and traveling so long, but he wanted to be in this place and felt that the tower had the same idea.

The man led Edin up winding stairs until they reached a doorway. Here stopped and pulled out a key. Putting the key into the lock and giving it a turn to the left, Edin heard the sound of an intricate mechanism at work. The door slowly began to open. Edin could not see for it was black. The man walked into the room and lit several candles on the wall causing the room to light up.

Inside Edin found himself immersed in luxuries he had never seen. A four-post bed with canopy was in the middle of the room and a dresser stood to the left. Against the other wall was a wardrobe of pine. Edin looked up at the ceiling, which was as complex as the lock on the door had sounded. There were decorative knots and mysterious symbols covering it from wall to wall.