My Reason to Live

Some people have a will to live,
Some people have a want to live;
Some people can see,
Right now,
Why they want to keep going,
Why they don't want to give up.

Some have boyfriends,
Or girlfriends for that matter;
Some see college,
Life full of academics;
Some just want to go on.

But me:
What do I have?
I don't have a boyfriend,
And I'm not bi,
I don't see the point in college,
Nor academics,
When I ask myself
If I'm going to even be alive if I try,
Nor do I want to go on.

Here I sit,
Still living,
Still breathing,
Still 'going on',
Still not giving up.

And what,
You might ask,
Do I keep living for?

Mon petit garĪ‚on de tambour.

Thou art my reason to live,
So I offer you my thanks.