Dear God

who would let their people die

sit back and relax while they cry

who would let them suffer in torture and pain

doing so with nothing to gain

who would create diseases in infect the innocent

and do whatever possible to keep them content

who would, in their right mind, let their people go hungry

and do nothing when they beg or plead

expect them to believe in times of great depression

a man without a purpose or profession

whoever can do this, I cannot respect

the many lives this person has wrecked

this guy they say can cure the blind

truth in this matter, I'm yet to find

so I wrote you this letter to see what you think

and I sign it from myself in this ink

goodbye to you, always, from me

the non-persuadable Stay-C

P.S. to help you find the one of which I speak, here's a clue

The one who I talk about..its..its you…