A part of me that I've lost

But now that I've found you

I think I'm whole again

Now that I found you

When you're around, I'm happy again

But when that time comes, and the last bell rings

You're off in a yellow flash, and I lose my hope

My life goes down the drain

When we're apart, it's not like before

It's not like I'm happy, or even content

I'm depressed, and I'm Emo, best friends are knives

So just come back, and save me this once

Just come back to me, and talk to me

So that I can see you once more

So that I can breath on my own

But without you by my side, I'm nothing

I'm nothing without you, even when you're not so far

I can't live on my own, I'd never even manage

I don't know why you've left me, I don't quite care

Just as long as I'll see you again later

And when I think that I've lost you

When I think you don't care

I see those beautiful eyes of yours

And I know you'll always be there

No matter what happens, for better or for worse

I'll love you until the bitter end, it's a promise

One that I'll always keep, because you are the one

The one I'll spend my life with

I'll give you a dozen roses, but there's a trick

One of them's a fake, but this isn't a joke

I'll love you till the last one dies, so keep them around

And you'll remember, that I've always cared