If you catch me with my misery

Will you breathe life into me

Just help me now

Even with a trace of you

With me now, the misery of you're leaving

Will weigh on my heart so heavy

The poison of your touch is enough

To send me to an early grave

So take my hand I'd do anything

I'd take everything, I would

I'd do anything, I will

I'd take everything, I would

You'll love me now

Look at me now

Look what you made me into

What have you done

What have I done


It's never too little

And it's not too late

We can't change the past

But the future is free

So let's fight our fate

Light's the path

We'll be a destructive force

In our own life story

We'll drive them out

With wind and rain

We'll choose our own path

And we'll be happy in the end