Okay. I know. I'm not allowed to do this. This is against FP's rules and if someone feels so inclined to "tattle" on me, they'll probably remove my account. But that's a chance I'll take. Anyone who has read my poetry before knows I write it in a strange format. FP doesn't let me preserve that format. My stupid site is taking too long to get up, so I'm just going to provide a link to each poem, where you can read it. I just missing hearing reviews and so I'm breaking the rules. How rebellious of me.

FP won't let me post site addresses (I don't know why), so if it's not too much trouble, type in redrush (dot) net (slash) egypt (dot) txt

Boy, you'd really have to be a dedicated reader of mine to do all this. For those who do it, thank you! You're the reason I'm going to the trouble. From now on, I'll post the site address in the above format, and you can just submit your review here. Thanks!