comrades we

you gave me an acronym WOW
of water, oxygen and warmth;
to germinate my seagull wings so i can
fly into the peaches and cream lollipop sun/rise
shoulder to shoulder with you.

i doodle your face on graph paper
so the criss-crossing lines
cover up your acne
though i always thought you perfect anyway.

your lecture pad screams SAVE THE PLANET,
waste your money instead and buy our recycled paper;
conserving natural resources
was never my thing,
even if you enjoyed picking up dead crabs
during international coastal clean-ups.

i think it's good we're a young nation;
we don't have that much history to study;
imagine if we were china.
though we've been together since aeons ago,
picking up saga seeds outside the school gate
and drinking ixora ambrosia.

we don't get straight As,
but we don't fail;
we are just schoolgirls,
twin telepaths,
lip-synching the national anthem,
getting booked for low socks
and sometimes late homework
if your teacher's mrs wong.

but i think, to me,
you are half a beaker more.

-kismet. 21/2

a/n: mrs wong doesn't exist, and my best friend and i are only slightly telepathic. i realise it's been aeons since i wrote, probably because of the Niagara flow of homework.
this goes out to icykayle, whose birthday was 2/2, 19 days ago. ha. how's the nirvana cd, girl?