"Dawn's Reprise"

My heart is on the verge of breaking,

As it beats on in ceaseless aching.

My loneliness, it claws at me,

And drowns me in despondency.

This battle I've been long in fighting,

Every breath, new pain igniting.

All defense is stripped away,

In the crimson death of fallen day.

In darkness I find my weakness prevailing,

The winds around me perpetually wailing.

Cruelly they echo in my solitude,

And wrend from me all fortitude.

Here I fall in desolation,

Crying out for vindication,

Broken, I wait for the sun to rise

Hoping dawn will bring to me reprise.

Author's Note: If I ever wrote an angst piece, this would be it. Do not worry about me though, I was just having a bad day. Reviews are very much appreciated. Thanks to Jez-Arinn for the spelling correction, I try to carefully edit my work but apparently one mistake got by me. Sneaky.