My Void

I went to the bottom of the bottle

To forget your memory

Drowning my tears in drunkenness

I found the truth

In the bottle

I saw your face there

I felt my pain there

Forget, I just want to push you away

Though you're entwined to my heart

Do you hear my tears fall?

Silently, hitting the marks on my paper

I wanted to make you happy

I let you hurt me

Burn me, Cut me

Are you happy now?

I have my bottle

You have your addiction

Blended to intensify

My feelings, my damnable love

You caged me like a bird

Now I fly free

But I still long for the cage

I call my home

Why am I not good enough?

Why don't you love me?

I gave you everything

I'd gladly do it again

Why do I love you?

Why do you haunt me?

My body craves your touch

My heart craves your smile

I can't forget you

I need to

I need to survive

I found you at the bottom of the bottle

The pain is 10 times worse there

Katie, 2005