Held In The Past

The whisperings of others.
The faults I hear.
The pain it makes me feel.
Everyone has secrets and lies.
I just can't take it anymore.
Everyone is knocking at my door.
Telling the secrets the never-ending lies.
Why did you have to hide behind this disguise?
The pain people are putting me through because of you.
The stories I'm told the truth behold.
I can't take this anymore and I'm ready to leave through the door.
I love you so much, but this I can't deal.
People from all angles coming at me, not anymore.
I'll take the fucking door, even if it brings more pain.
I really don't see me getting through, now.
I love you and that will always be so.
But your past just won't let us go.
These things, skeletons in the closest.
All come out eventually and I don't want them on me.
One day you'll turn around and in the mirror guess whom you'll see?
The mirrors image that is me.

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