You're A Fool

Triangle, square, circle, or hexagon.
I don't know what you'd call it.
This group that has been formed.
New and old coming together.
Think we can all be friends forever?
Low and behold the truth is told.
The lies come out to play.
We can never stay, in this blissful play.
Lies, lies, lies, and more lies.
People can never be truthful.
Even if they claim to be your friend.
That's more of a joke than I can comprehend.
Deceit and mistrust not only disgust.
These people don't care; you're a fool to think they do.
They fucking hate you wish to see you hurt.
They don't care if you're happy.
Pain and grief, they love to see defeat.
Pools of blood, or you lying dead in the mud.
These would love to see you gone.
Never think other wise.
You're a fool to trust.
A fool to love.
A fool to believe anyone cares.
You're a bigger fool than me.
But I finally see.
This person I talk about is me…

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