When You are Enough.

Words have less meaning,
And tears are so much easier to understand,
Because the incongruence between my heart,
And the heart others think I have,
Is slowly driving me insane.

Being the next You feels right,
Though not everyone Gets It,
And trying to explain it only goes to show,
How incredibly complicated it is,
To mourn, and be in love, all at once.

People don't quite understand,
Why it is You and Him both cause me so much pain,
When I love you both so very much,
But it's because You left without a choice,
Leaving me as The Next You,
And I fell into Him without a thought,
Leaving me to ache that you two never met.

He's like Me, and I'm like You,
And You know I will always be Your Little Girl,
So, surely, You would approve of Him.

Because, in the end, if no one else Gets It,
But You do,
Then that will be Enough.