Far to the east where the sun sets below the violet mountains, men and women studied in the great halls of Aranul, practicing and perfecting their gifts. Soon enough, they ventured out into the world and taught others that the gods had blessed with the gift. There were four gifts: wind, air, water and fire. The gods gave each barer one gift to only the most special of their children.

As the years passed on, their children longed to prove that their own gift was the greatest of all. Soon lands were divided, wars were created and blood was spilled. Four countries were created, each choosing to support one of the four gifts. The Fire Empire, growing in power and strength, sought to conquer all other countries and control the other gifts, making them the superior of the four. The Wind Empire fell to their might, but they had yet to conquer the Water Empire and Earth Empire.

The gods watched from above and their anger grew. They had given their children these gifts to help others, not to prove who was the strongest or greatest. All eight gods met and delegated about the situation. Five days later, they had agreed on a solution. On the 6th night of the full moon, a baby girl was born. And in this girl, the gods placed a most special gift. They gave her the gift of La Soura, Child of all. She would soon discover as she grew older, that her destiny would unfold. She was La Soura….