Questions Unanswered
by: trista groulx

Shellshock, war, ally, enemy
War, peace, fight
War, ally, fight!
Half a world away
Go on with you life
Shellshock, enemy, heroes
Where are the heroes?
When did war become good?
War, enemy, ally, shoot
Shoot, fight, drop the bomb!
It makes no sense
Close your eyes
Pretend it didn't happen
War, peace, fight,
Who will die?
Who will come back alive?
Shellshock, war, peace
Where is the sense?
Where are the answers?
Where is the light?
Shellshock, war, ally
Enemy, peace, fight
Shoot, drop the bomb!
How do you decide
Who live and who will die?
Half a world away

a/n if this seems a little random, or confused, that was my point, it's what i think i might feel if i was in a war, confused, and asking lots of questions