"Purple Inferno"

There is something to be said
For a girl who contrives an evil plan,
Based on (falsely accused) attempted murders,
(That little fucker I can't stand...)
Third grade counseling,
And Valentine's Days past.

There is someone to be killed
When you dissect my horrid torture,
(And fall prey to my powers...)
And turn it into "glamour."
So here's a nightmare I'll instill.
You'll never sleep (peacefully) again,
And you will learn of the madness
Of a real insomniac.

This isn't fucking fun with sparkly blood,
And it's sure not the purple inferno you told lies of.
This is more than enough
To drive me to my malignant plots...
This is the "purple" inferno
Mixed with orange
And green and brown
(And black)

And there is something to be said...
But no one ever, ever should.