And then I was at the office of that guy.

You know, the one that takes care of all the bad kids.

I was a bad kid. Oh so bad. Naughty. Bad, naughty kid.

Well, while they talked to me and asked me pointless questions, I let my mind wander.

I started thinking about yesterday when I kicked that girl out of my car. I sorta had been with her for a week. I guess.

She had been at ashow I was at, and she had punched me in the face during one of the songs. So of course, I had to take her home with me.

That was a week before I kicked her out of my car. We were having a great time, and then I put in a CD.

She asked what the hell is this shit?

Of course, I laughed and assumed she was joking.

She asked why I was laughing.

And then it hit me. She didn't know American Nightmare. It's now Give up the Ghost, though, but still. One of the greatest bands ever. She just didn't know it.

And then she had to go.

I told her to get out of my car.

She just stared at me.

I told her, get the hell out of my car.

And she said to me that I would never see her again if I made her get out here.

I smiled and shut the door in her face.

And then she was gone. I just thought about that, and I laughed.

The people talking to me were baffled. Was this some kind of game to me?

Was this funny to me? They told me to get to my next class and report for a detention the next day after school. And they gave me a fine.

I was fined for kicking some ass.

What a world.

And so the time came for me to go home, and the classes ended for that day.

The bell sounded like a constant stream of swearing on television, only closer and louder.

And then everyone flowed out like a wave of people with somewhere to go.

But no one really had anywhere to go.

I didn't either. But I had something to think about.

She had asked me to come with her somewhere. You remember her. The girl in my science class. The one that liked my drawings.

Yeah. She wanted me to take her to some assholes party. I actually told her I would think about it.

I really wasn't going to. But I was supposed to.

I told her I would think about it.

I had no reason not to.

I had no reason to, either.

So I made a bet with myself. If I turned on a random radio station and there was some music that did not suck playing, I wouldn't go.

Of course, I lost my bet.