YUN, Losers, and a Morale with No Bearing on the Poem Itself

A/N: This is about one of my best friends who moved away a while ago. I miss her very much (as mentioned in the poem). None who read this will understand most of the stuff in quotes, if any, because they are all inside jokes that we had. Enjoy!

All the "good times" stopped

When you left that day

Hearing all these old songs

We used to dance and sing to

I'm torn from today

I reminisce

And I recall

You and I were so "loserific"

On our way to "Loser College"

Making bookmarks

Putting on plays

Like "The Scott Tissue Space Mission"

I miss those times

When we would dash

Heroically down the light pavement

Singing "YUN 4900 and 6

Loser like Slick!"

And kicking our feet out to the side

On "Slick!"

All because of a license plate

Getting up at 9 A.M.

Just to be ready for your 10 o'clock call

We would then go rake

The neighbor's yard

And sing, talk, and laugh

All while making a good $20

Spending our nights writing

Planning things we could do

"Board games, treasure hunt

Sock puppets, stare at wall"

The really sad thing is

We actually did all that

And who could forget

"The Spaghettio March"

Dancing to that little tune we made

Is so much silly fun

And we never did finish

"The Idiotic Table of Elements"

We need to do that

But you're over in Japan

Thirteen hours ahead

I think you always were ahead maturity-wise

In the "Cream Team" and the "Blub Club"

You were the one

Who made sure I would "breathe friendly"

Made sure I could confidently

"Surf the carpeted seas"

With great ease


Because whenever I couldn't

Believe it wasn't butter

You and I would look at our

"Sacred stuff" in our memory boxes

And reminise

Now, I can read through our

"Book of Quotes" or "Our Book"

I can read through the MASH's

All the times I drove a "Tissue 2000"

And married Yoda

Had 1,234,567 kids

And a pet Klondike bar

I can reinact our adventures

Our dramatic plays

With "Issue the Tissue"


And "Recycling Bin"

"Trash Can" and "Houston"

But I can't really go back

To when we were still so close

You were my best friend

You still are

You know me the best

Of course, I guess I'm that predictable

I'm that forgetful too

Still haven't sent your Christmas gifts

But I have to be honest

I spent the most time and money on you

Cause I knew you'd love

This and that

Cause I know you

So, although this friendship

Has been seperated

By the U.S.A. and Pacific

And even though

"The Banana-nana-nana Co. Ind. Inc. Factory"

Has shut down

We will still always be like sisters

Because you know me the best of all

And you just get the way I think

And so, to keep with tradition

The "cheesy" part of this poem

The moral:

"Scott Tissues can be purchased

At your local grocery store"