Every feeling I felt for you was supposed to have expired

Faded away; scars were healed

Until... well, I don't exactly know what

I don't even know if I feel the way I did before

I had finally moved on; I was totally free of you

No more pain; no more jelousy

No more restless nights spent crying over you

Nothing more other than friendship

You're my best friend

And I mean my best friend

Sure, you can be a total jerk at times

But then again, can't we all?

Time has slipped right through my weakened fingers

Stiff from trying too hard to hold on

Finally, when I break the ties

The bond between my heart and your eyes

All the world is lost to me

I can't do it

At all

Yes I can

I've done it before, or have I?

Have I ever really moved on?

I don't think so, but I still wonder each day

If we really are meant to be

Maybe all we need

Is a little less doubt

A pinch more of greed

A sense of what this is all about

We both have felt the same way

Just not at the same time

We just need a bit more practice, I think

Just need to get our timing down


Just maybe

We can be

Or will you ever really consider me?

Are you lost in your dreams of her?

Lost like a sailboat in a hurricane

No hope, no chance of rescue

Well, I don't want to be the one to rescue you from your dreams

What if they could come true?

They could

But what if they did?

Could I handle it?

How would I take it in?

Would the news come sweet as sugar?

Because, after all, you are my best friend

I want you to be happy

Or would it be a kind of poison?

A venomous concoction of jelousy and spite

Brewed under tempting conditions

Flirtatious phrases

Devastating gazes

We all have our moments when we're not too smooth

We all have our times when we're lost and confused

We all have our losses; we all have our gains

But something you don't have is the knowledge of my pain

But something you won't have is the knowledge of my pain