That Boy, That Gentleman

That silly boy first made me laugh

And my heart made a crescendo to fortississimo

Until before I knew it, we were on a path

That teasing boy first made me scream

And my fear was easily capsulized by love

Until suddenly, we were in a dream

The wind was a subtle demon

A monster whom I must not forget to thank

One chill, one shiver, and he offers to me

That gentleman

His very own jacket, his coat

His own source of warmth

From the angelic demon that makes even the trees rustle

I could feel his hand lightly touch mine


As he handed me the savior to my coldness

Putting that jacket on was like

Being held by him

It was magical

It was remarkable

It was love

But his warmth could only cure my coldness

Not my loneliness

I need him

And for that, there is no substitute

For he's one of a kind

A true gentleman when he wants to be

And when he doesn't

He says the most perfect words

And is the most perfect boy for me

That boy, that gentleman