Summary: After a reckless rock star's career is over by damaging his hand in fight with his girlfriend's lover, he now has no choice but to… perform in musicals!(for musical lovers)

Characters descriptions and dream cast

(if you like picturing characters in your own way then don't read on because it'll mess up your perception)

Kelly:(Adam Pascal) Rock star has-been who's a bit arrogant but is talented nonetheless, even though his shallowness overshadows it. He hates his life now and just doesn't care anymore. But sooner or later a certain something or someone would make him care enough to make him selfless.

Joanne: (Bette Midler)The Hitler of directors, she is a control freak who is the boss of everything, every decision is hers. She has her favorites whom she casts in every lead role, and she has those she ignores and never gives a chance to and down casts them in dull background roles. She like the traditional and overrated and overdone musicals such as Cats and Annie, never would she allow daring musicals like Rent or Bare

Amber: (Mandy Moore) Joanne's pet and favorite who is her spy and who get musicals specially chosen for her like Annie and Wizard of Oz. But don't let her adorable looks, blond curls, and sweetness fool you, off stage is one big bitch bigger than Joanne. Her slave aka assistant and understudy is her older sister Amy who's better than her in all aspects but no one will ever know that since Amber will stop at nothing to keep anyone from knowing

Amy: (Anne Hathaway) Quiet and loves to hide backstage and behind the scenes, what one doesn't know is that years ago she was on Broadway for a couple years who quit for mysterious circumstances. She takes care of her little baby sister and makes sure she is happy. She is a waitress at the restaurant near the theater when she's isn't helping out with the production. There's more that meet the eyes with her for singing is what she does best.

Brian: (Michael Arden) Dancer and singer who really good at what he does that everyone assumes he's gay which annoys him since he's not but plays along to get on Joanne's good side and get closer to Amber whom he's had a crush on forever(and find's her bitchiness attractive) and who treats him like her gay best friend.

Ratcliff(Patrick Stewart) a hard core Skakesperian actor who is a bit of a prima-donna who hates how he's being type-casted

More characters and casting coming soon, feel free to make suggestions later on


My life was great. My life was everything I dreamed. I was the lead guitarist of the band Sinning Angels. Alright I wasn't the lead singer, only because everybody thought my voice sounded like friggin Donny Osmond, but hey lead guitarist is still pretty cool and I was also the song writer too, I was the one responsible for all of our hits. Girls loved me anyways, loved me enough to tattoo Kelly Morris on themselves. I only loved one girl, my dream girl, my everything, Allison. We've been faithfully together since the band started out…okay maybe not faithfully…I may have cheated on her one or twice or maybe three times if you count that time in London which I don't since we we're on a break then…at least I think we were…oh well it's ancient history! Anyways, she was the girl for me, she was smart, beautiful, had pretty eyes, had a nice body, long hair, liked the band…crap I think of anything else! I can't think straight, probably had too much to drink. Well I decided to purpose to her to night. Why not? She seems like the prefect girl for me and it's been like two years.

I come home early from rehearsals to our loft in New York. I didn't leave early to purpose. Over the past year my hand has been feeling funny with this sort off itchy numbness and today my hand felt so swollen I just couldn't play. I was suppose to go to the doctor about it many times but it's hard for me to keep appointments. It's probably just a strain anyways and I can't afford a break to heal it, I'm the lead guitarist. Nobody questioned me leaving early because Billy, the lead singer wasn't there and our rehearsal wasn't really a rehearsal.

I had the two-carrot diamond ring in my pocket, for some reason I was nervous. I wonder if she wants a big wedding because I just want a simple Vegas wedding…oh God I hope she doesn't want kids! I walk to the front door. It wouldn't be so terrible if she wanted kid-just not right away, ten years from now will be fine…Wait a minute, I hear noises…oh no, no, don't tell me Billy is using out loft again…but Allison is supposed to be there, maybe Billy paid her to go somewhere for awhile.

"One more time, please" I heard Billy

"No, we can't Kelly's going to be here shortly" …I heard Allison, my everything, say


"I KNEW IT," I yelled as I kicked the door open "You slut!"

"I wouldn't be talking Kelly you cheated on her like five times" Billy, my best friend, the lead singer, accused

"I didn't cheat on five times!…It was three"

"Oh my God! You such a jerk, Kelly! How could you!"

"How could you?!"

"Easy mate, she like's me better" Billy grinned at me.

That it's! I'm going to kill that bastard!

"You're dead!"

I punched him straight in the face and damn it I didn't back up in time so he did the same.

"Stop it!" Allison screamed

"I guess I have to find a new lead guitarist"

"Who says this is your band? I wrote the songs, I brought the group together"

"Really, you're such an idiot Kelly, get over yourself, while you were living in your fantasy world you never once went to reality and noticed that every record credits me as the song writer as the leader, and you were so out of it that you didn't even noticed that I was fucking your girl. Wake up mate!"

"You son of a bitch!!"

I ran to punch him but suddenly he ducked and I hit the glass sliding door instead and fell and landed on my fist and hit the floor of the balcony. Christ! I heard the bones cracking and I could feel the blood oozing out.

"Bloody hell! He's bleeding so much!"

"Call 911! Quick!"

That was the last thing I heard before I blacked out

Three hours later I woke up in the hospital. My hand was mummified in bandages.

"I see that you're awake Mr. Morris"

I looked up to see the doctor "How bad is it?"

He gave that look that scared me, oh please God no!

"When was the last time you had a physical or been to a doctor?"

"I don't really know, I sort off got too caught up in my career I guess"

"That's what I thought. Tell me have you've been feeling tingling, burning, or numbness"

"Yeah, all of the above"

"For how long?"

"For awhile, why?"

"So you obviously didn't know that you hadcarpal tunnel syndrome"

"What? What's that? Is it treatable?"

"Yes…if you would have come sooner to us we could have given medication and if this incident didn't happen we would have performed surgery to fix it"

"So is there?"

"I'm sorry, you damaged you hand badly, you broke three finger and your wrist and not only that but the glass cut a few tendons" He hands me my x-rays "We could give you surgery to help CPS but.."

I knew what he was going to say next "But?"

"But with your injuries on top of that I can't guarantee that you'll be able to work your hand as well as you used too"

"Can I still play guitar?"

"I don't think it's possible, it'll be too strenuous for you"

"But I can, right? It'll just be painful"

"You're misunderstanding Mr. Morris, it's not that it'll be painful it's that you can't physically move your fingers like you used to. You under a lot of anesthetics and can't feel it but as soon as it wears off you'll understand what I'm saying."

Why me? Why this bad luck all of the sudden? First I lose my girlfriend and now my career. What have I've done to deserve this?

What the hell am I going to do now?