Amare Excordis
by OnlyThreeWords

What is this false idea about the mystery of love we have ourselves convinced of?
I see a little more everyday of how I know a little less than I did yesterday

What difference do words make to the boy who will never see you again?
Your face changes with every beat of my heart

We deny the hold and long of romance, but what do we know of anything else?
If this is lust, let me be one with the righteous
If love, the cowards

But what difference to words make to the man who will meet you anew everyday?
Your face changes with every beat of my heart

I run to outstretched arms never knowing Your truth
I run to outstretched arms not understanding Your love

When will these eyes finally focus and see you as He does?

I'm just a boy with a foolish misconceived idea about the girl that always was in my heart
You're just the girl with a foolish way of acting that turns this boy's eyes towards you

This one winged angel longs for the gift of flight in the serenity of a held hand