She's walking along the corridor, head down, hands in her pockets, her schoolbag handing limply off one shoulder. She finds nothing better to do than to watch her feet… one after the other… again and again…

It's simple, compared to life. Lifting and dropping one foot after the other in simple arcs to move effortlessly from one place to another. Why can't everything be so simple?

She walks past a group of people in her class, and some of them greets her, but she's so caught up in her own thoughts that she doesn't notice. They call out her name, but she's already turned the corner.

She's so deep in thought that she barely notices her feet are carrying her upwards, and that she's just bumped into three people. All they can do is mutter meanly audible things for her to hear, and glare at the phantom that she is, moving like a shadow up the stairs. She's all dressed in black, and there's an overly large amount of eye-liner around her eyes, and cover-up. She's trying to hide the puffy cheeks and saggy eyelids from the two last nights spent crying.

The last two nights she spent crying herself to sleep, in a lonely house and equally lonely bedroom. Alone.

Her presence now gives off an aura, in fact. If she had any friends, they would say she is cold and distant, a hopeless case. She's drowning in a sea of misery and self-pity, and ignoring all the lifeboats and rings that have been sent out to help her. She pushes away all the hands that are only trying to help her.

It's a cold day, and the bell just rang for the end of the school day, but she goes and sits under one of the windows, leaning against a radiator, hugging her backpack in her lap. She can hear the wind pulsing against the window and her own, dull heartbeat, but she doesn't see all the people passing her by, staring at her oddly.

She carries a dark aura, saying clearly, 'Leave me alone - let me wallow in my despair forever more. I don't want to know you.'

She thinks she's a loner, she's so depressed because she thinks nobody likes her. She avoids people because she's scared of getting hurt, like before. She believes herself to be invisible, unwanted and despised.

But she's not invisible, the rest of the world is just invisible to her.