Don't wanna write yet another love song

To a guy who will never hear it.

Don't wanna write another sonnet

Full of tears and woe and angst.

Yet here again I'm lying on my bed

The pen within my hand resting on the pad

With words of love and hurt

Swirling around my head.

Shaun you are but a mystery

Blowing hot and cold

Do you know how much I love you

How many tears I have sat and wept

Longing for your presence

Loving your sweet heart

Weeping tears of saline blood.

To borrow from an artist

Of whom I'm sure you've heard

'If I wrapped my words around you

would you stay? Would you stay?

If I wrapped my words around you would you stay?'

If I showed you my poetry, my words of sanguine love

Would you understand me?

Would you understand?

That without you I am nothing?

But with you I feel a hundred pounds?

Shaun you are my lifeline

In a world of fear and gloom

Why is it so hard to utter

Those three little words for which I long

'I love you' or even just

'je t'aime'