I'm not a hero
I'm not a fighter
I'm just an unforgiven
Guilty man
Who does not know his place
What a string of miracles
Has kept me indiscreet
When I ought to stand down


I'm always hopeful
But not optimistic
There is a subtlety
About me
Look beyond the pretension
And I might be vulnerable
I might be whatever you wanted
If you want me at all

It's a hopeless dream
Amidst the shock of this life
And you're just another token true love

And now you tell me
You used to like me
I've nothing left except my
And not a lot of that
I could do anything
But I don't think that it would help
At this point in time

Is this another token true love? (x a few)


And this is why
Your words of kindness
Mean nothing to me
(to end)