Don't See You Anymore

When I see you,

I don't see only you anymore.

I see more than what you might think,

More than society will ever see.


I need only to glance into those eyes to see

Heaven's brightest star sparkling in the darkest depths,

A thousand and one stories untold,

Silver wisps of your countless dreams,

And all the love you feel.


I walked by your side,

Spoke softly to you when you felt alone,

Listened when all else turned away,

Offered you my strength to defeat the shadows of reality.

I gave you my all.


Every time my fingers caress you,

My essence, my very soul is what you receive,

Adding to the unbreakable bond between us,

Making it easier to later understand

Each other.


I don't see you,

I see who you are.

I see everything that makes you unique,

I see all of the little things making up

My love.